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Lior Babazara Shares 3 Tips for Those Who Want to Invest in Real Estate

You should give yourself a pat on your back if you are thinking about investing money in real estate. It means you have realized that keeping money safe and not investing in anything only means that your savings are losing value over time. Through investment, you can increase your money many times more than the initial amount you start with.

However, there are certain things to keep in mind before you become a real estate investor, and who could be better than the real estate investment expert himself, Lior Babazara, to give you advice on this matter?

Lior Babazara has been investing in commercial and residential real estate for years and he also has his own online platform for real estate investments. Here is what he wants to tell every investor who wishes to invest in real estate.

Don’t Expect Overnight Wealth

Real estate isn’t a market where you ever hear others telling you that you can become rich overnight. That’s because you can’t do that. It is true that exceptional cases do occur.

You might invest in your first property and it might turn out to be a gem for you, but that happens rarely. Hitting those exceptional moments is like winning a lottery. The odds are just as high so you can imagine how hard it will be to become rich overnight.

Lior Babazara says that real estate investment should be taken as complete process that consists of many small sub-processes. You have to cover your journey by completing these little milestones. In fact, he believes you should start by having a plan and setting milestones rather than having just one giant goal.

Don’t Think It’s Easy

Another mistake that you can make, which is also a mistake that a lot of beginners make, is thinking that real estate is easy. According to Lior Babazara, if real estate is easy then landing a rocket on the surface of the moon is easier.

He says that the main process in real estate investment is usually buying properties, selling properties, or renting out properties. However, within these big processes, there are many other things to think about. Some things that worry you when you become a real estate investor are as follows.

  • What are the ongoing mortgage interest rates?
  • What’s the market price of a property?
  • How much cost will you have to bear to make the property marketable?
  • Do the buyers have enough buying power to buy homes?
  • Is the society going to get developed like the way I was promised?

These are just examples of things that will keep you worried as a real estate investor. Whether you are buying a house, renting it out, or thinking about owning a piece of land, your mind will stroll through these tunnels several times in a day every single day.

Go Vertically and Horizontally

Think about a job. If your salary continues to go high but you stay in the same role, you know you are going to reach the ceiling pretty soon. You can get paid in the same role only so much.

After that, you have to think about expanding horizontally. The same rule applies to real estate investments. If you have bought a few properties and rented out their units to residential dwellers, you might consider investing in a different type of property. How about you invest some in commercial properties?

Commercial properties give you more revenue per unit and are easier to price high than residential units. Even the contracts in commercial real estate last longer than they do in residential.

Final Thoughts

Lior Babazara wants you to focus on these primary elements of investing. He says that you can learn the particulars of real estate investments once you are in there. However, it is the mindset you have before you make your first investment that really decides whether or not you are going to succeed.